On the 25th of May, an elderly man stumbled and fell. A passerby helped him up, but he was unsteady and breathless. A nearby Leinster Utilities crew, including Jason Dalton, Gary Kelly, and Cian Keogh, came over to assist. They moved the man to a grass verge, with Jason asking about his health. Cian fetched water and a jacket to keep the man warm. Jason learned the man was 75 and had type 2 diabetes, then instructed Gavin to call for an ambulance.

Jason and Gary returned to work after gathering information, while Cian stayed with the man. Later, Leo Dalton and JP Lawlor checked on the situation, and a follow-up call to the ambulance service was made. The man then vomited, prompting the crew to place him in the recovery position. The emergency agent dispatched the Fire Brigade due to the man’s condition.

Upon arrival, Jason briefed the firemen, who treated the man and assisted the ambulance crew. To ensure the emergency vehicles could reach the scene quickly, the traffic controllers halted traffic, providing a clear path for the fire brigade. The crew also adjusted the traffic management setup when the emergency vehicles blocked one of the roads. After about 30 minutes, the man was transported to the hospital. Jason and Cian were praised for their swift and effective response.

The crew have been rewarded for their swift thinking and quick response, potentially saving the man’s life.